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Betty Jean Pamplin-Hula

August 10, 1945 until January 5, 2024

Betty Jean Pamplin-Hula

Betty Jean Pamplin-Hula (August 10, 1945 – January 5, 2024)

Just five days into the new year of 2024, a cascade of the fluffiest snowflakes abundantly covered Northwest Arkansas with an absolute wonderland in the early hours of that particularly spectacular Friday morning. It was at 6:00 AM on this magical dawn that a huge part of our lives left this earthly world, ever so peacefully in her sleep, traveling to her forever home with our Heavenly Father. She was most certainly welcomed there by all whom she loved which had embarked on this journey before her. In the most wonderful way, her date of departure started a series of glorious, snow-engulfed days, that were filled with awe for this pure white blanket of powder covering our existence. Time seemed to pause with the forced calm of staying home and the fantastic fun of children enjoying all things snow. Those moments were bittersweet: both incredibly difficult and extremely special. In fact, just like life with her, those wintery days were full of enthusiasm and far from boring!

Although Betty Jean Hula (née Pamplin) was born in Louisville, Kentucky on August 10th of 1945 as the eldest daughter of Roy and Lou Pamplin, she spent most of her life in Stuttgart, Arkansas. Leaving for only a few years to major in Psychology at Ouachita University, Betty returned to raise her family with her high school sweetheart, Chuck Hula, eventually taking over the family oil business. Stuttgart was the town where she met her very best friends, lived some of her most wonderful years, and created some of the best memories that not even one of the cruelest diseases could erase.

After nearly 69 years of living in the only town she had ever really called home, the birth of her youngest grandchild sparked a strong desire in her to bravely move to Jonesboro, Arkansas. Three short years later, again following the grand babies she held so dear to her heart, Betty moved to Northwest Arkansas where she would live close to them for her remaining years.

Betty Hula was predeceased by her loving husband of 42 years, Charles Wesley Hula Jr., and her parents: Lou Ella Colvin Pamplin and Roy John Pamplin; married 48 years and both of Stuttgart, Arkansas. At the time of her death, Betty Hula (78) was survived by many who carry on her memory: daughters, Staci Luann Hula of Sherwood, Arkansas and Danika Leigh Hula-Shelton of Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Bryan Shelton and their three children. Betty’s legacy also lives on in her grandchildren Grayson Hula Shelton (11) and Charlei Blythe Shelton (9) of Fayetteville, Arkansas, as well as step-grandson Stephen Shelton (30) of Clarksville, Arkansas. She also leaves her sister, Patricia Ann Pamplin Dittrich with her husband of 48 years, George Robert Dittrich both of Stuttgart, Arkansas and her nephews: Bryce Pamplin Dittrich with his wife Rachael Hummel, and Chad Wesley Dittrich, all of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Even knowing that Betty is now renewed with Christ, whole once again and free from all aliments, her loss is still extremely painful: leaving a void that will forever remain crushingly heavy for those who loved her most. The family of this amazing woman is so very thankful for the outpouring of love they have received during this difficult time, for it is a testament to just how special she was to so many who knew her.

Though she did enjoy much about Fayetteville, Betty will be celebrated back home in Stuttgart on Saturday, February the 3rd. The family is planning to rejoice her life in the party room of the Open Season Restaurant from 3-7pm. Anyone wanting to join in her remembrance and share some love is welcome to stop by for a few minutes, stay for a good long while, or anything in between.

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