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James "Brian" Keith Moore

April 4, 1986 until February 9, 2024

James "Brian" Keith Moore

Born April 4th, 1986 and here with us until the 9th of February 2024, James “Brian” Keith
Moore, a father, a son, a brother, a cousin, an uncle, and a loyal friend. Brian was many things
to many people, but above all, he was a person who lived his life his own unique way.
We all share a profound sense of loss, but also a sense of gratitude for having been a part of
his life. He was a person who felt deeply and loved fiercely, and while his life was tragically cut
short, his impact on us was immeasurable.

Brian was a free spirit, a wanderer, someone who sought to squeeze every drop of
adventure out of life. He lived his life on his own terms, and in doing so, he taught us the value
of embracing the present moment.

We will all have different memories of Brian—memories that make us smile, that make us cry,
that make us thankful for the time we had with him. Let's cherish those memories, let's share
them, and in doing so, let's keep Brian's spirit alive.

It's no secret that Brian faced an internal struggle, one that he battled privately and
courageously. Brian had that other side, that sides that’s not openly talked about, that side he
fought valiantly to keep hidden. He struggled with addiction, a battle that consumed him despite
his best efforts to break free. It's a struggle that many don't understand, and one that is too often
stigmatized. Addiction is a merciless enemy, one that doesn't discriminate based on age,
background, or social status. It's a disease that Brian fought every day, and it's a disease that
ultimately took him from us. This battle did not define him, though; it only reminded us all of the
strength he possessed in facing his demons. Brian spent his days fighting, and that courage is
something we should remember and admire. Brian was not his addiction, but Brian’s passing is
a vivid reminder of the power and hold addiction can have.

Let us define Brian by his heart, his spirit, and the love he brought into our lives. Brian had a
magnetic personality; he drew people to him with his charisma, his wit, and his infectious smile.
He was the life of the party, the adventurer, the joker, but he was also the most empathetic
listener, the shoulder to cry on, the dependable friend. He was the person who would drop
everything to be there for you, no matter the time or place.

One of Brian's most “Brianable” qualities was his ability to love unconditionally. He had an
open heart and an open mind, welcoming people from all walks of life into his r circle. He didn't
judge; he understood that everyone has their own battles to fight, their own burdens to bear.
Remember Brian for who he was—a beautiful soul who loved deeply, laughed loudly, and lived

May Brian find the peace he sought in life, in the depths of eternity.
We love you, Brian, always and forever.

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