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Mark David Dion

September 1, 1955 until December 15, 2023

Mark David Dion

First of all Happy Holidays to you and yours!… Heads up, this is not an ordinary Obituary, but that’s what you do when someone is “one in a million”. Mark Dion was swimming upstream all the time, (just like Sam Walton) and he made it all the way upstream to the beginning of the river, and as of December 15th he has moved to Heaven and is now sitting with his Heavenly Father. Mark was uniquely special in such a great way.

Mark “broke the mold” at a very young age... (Yes, like Sam Walton he was years ahead of his time) while most kids were outside riding their bikes, or playing video games, Mark was in the basement of his house working on “inventions” or “a better version of what was already out there”. In high school he was developing innovative software and working hard how to make computers smaller and faster… Yes he was super smart, (Yes, think Mensa with a Genius IQ) but was always so humble about it.

Born in Madrid Spain, he always had a global/big picture perspective. Just think in High School, he won two state Science Fairs, via improvements in Computing that led to him being asked to work for IBM as a Junior in High School, where he worked two summers in High School and worked for them after college as well.

In College, he got a degree in Engineering and also a degree to become a Pastor… he always put God and Jesus Christ first, and when he was praying for you later in life he had hundreds of people all over the world that were praying for you in his Prayer Group. We were lucky to have him here in NW Arkansas the last few years, where he taught Bible Study at Fellowship Church in Bentonville, and he preached at the Concordia Retirement Community in Bella Vista.

Along the way, he also created his own successful Marketing Company where he helped several Fortune 500 companies improve their marketing programs. Later in his career after his younger brother Art told him how amazing it was to work for Sam’s Club he joined the company as well, and was a successful Developmental Club Manager and performed well in various other roles with the company.

Mark is survived by his three wonderful sons, Ethan, Jonathan, and David, and his younger brother Art.

We will be celebrating Mark’s Life at Fellowship Bentonville, Saturday December 30th at 10:30am.

Donations can be made in lieu of flowers to the Samaritan Community Center at You can mention in memory of Mark Dion in the comments, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page and donate on his younger brother Art’s Donation link.

On behalf of the Dion Family may 2024 be your best year ever!

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